Meet the Coach

Straight out of college (with an Economics degree), I joined Teach for America where I returned to my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina to teach public high school mathematics. Three years into teaching, I was named, by then superintendent, as one of the top ten teachers in the entire district based on student growth and achievement--becoming one of the youngest teachers to earn that honor. By the time I left Charlotte - Mecklenburg Schools, I had moved from math teacher to serving as an instructional coach and department chair at the district's only STEM magnet high school. Additionally, as an identified leader within my school district, I completed a summer assignment in the central office reporting to the area superintendent and served as a principal intern at an elementary school.   

For years, I was able to find balance as an educator and arts professional - reserving nights, weekends, and summers to acting both on stage and screen. However, after years of finding balance, I desperately wanted to try my hand at Big Apple living and performing. This led me to my work at Explore Schools in Brooklyn, NY, where I served as the math specialist for the K - 8 public charter network.  In this role, I worked directly with teachers and leaders to improve the learning of mathematics across four schools.  However, after three years with Explore, I was itching again to stretch myself artistically; therefore, I left the network to pursue my Master of Fine Arts in Acting. 

Despite all the twists and turns in my professional acting career, I have never stopped teaching math.  I have been tutoring math for over ten years with clients scattered across the country. Most recently, I completed a maternity leave teaching assignment at the prestigious Baltimore private (K-12) institution, Gilman School, where I taught 7th and 8th grade honors math. Just like I live for the stage lights, I live for the glimmers of light that shine in the eyes of a student when they finally understand math.  Everyone is capable of learning math. It's just up to us to figure out how to make it accessible and fun.

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The individualized, one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to meet individual student goals.  Whether your child needs concepts broken down, to fill gaps, help with navigating virtual learning, homework help, or assessment prep, I can help.  I will pinpoint your child's learning needs, meet them where they are, and take them where they need to be regardless of learning needs.  I will also work closely with your child's teacher to support classroom instruction in real time.  


I am currently only accepting clients in 6th - 8th grade math, Algebra I and Algebra II.


ANDREAS, 8th grader

I will remember her bubbly and kind personality, as well as all the helpful songs that assisted me in memorizing the formulas.

JAIME, 8th grader

Mrs. Reeves is and will always be a great teacher. She taught the material necessary to be learned without letting it get boring. Additionally, she is willing to give constructive feedback while also recognizing talent and giving credit where credit is due.

NEEL, 7th grader

Thank you Mrs. Reeves for being an incredible teacher. I enjoyed how you brought a fun aspect to math and tried to make it entertaining. I think you did a great job.