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 about me 

Height: 5"2  |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown (with highlights of blonde:)

Classically Trained Actress. Mezzo-Soprano. 

Lifting rich language off a page to create complex characters...that's my thing.

Member of Actor's Equity Association



Stick Fly   |   Taylor   |   Meadow Brook Theatre |   Benjamin Sterling Cannon


Stick Fly   |   Taylor   |   Meadow Brook Theatre |   Benjamin Sterling Cannon

As You Like It   |   Amiens, Martext, Page   |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Ralph Cohen

Richard III  |   Clarence, Catesby   |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Jenny Bennett

Man of the Mode   |   Emilia  |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Christopher Marino

Jane Austen's Emma   |   Augusta Elton |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Stephanie Earl

Don Juan   |   Gusman, Mathurine, Pauper, Don Luis   |  Taffety Punk  |   Dan Crane

Amazing Grace, the Musical   |   African Ensemble   |   Continental Productions  |   Gabrielle Barre 

A Midsummer Night's Dream  |   Hippolyta   |   Shakespeare Theatre/ACA  |   Eleanor Holdridge

Coriolanus  |   1st Senator   |   Shakespeare Theatre/ACA  |   Craig Baldwin

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress  |   Mindy   |   Love Creek  |   Steven Barrett

Funnyhouse of a Negro  |   Duchess of Hapsburg   |   On Q Productions  |   Quentin Talley

The Amen Corner   |   Sister Boxer   |   On Q Productions  |   Ruth Sloane

For The Love of Harlem   |   Alberta Hunter   |  On Q Productions  |   Sidney Horton

Fabulation or Re-education of Undine   |   Stephie, et.al  |   On Q Productions  |  Stacey Rose


Nothing But Love  |  Young Mother  |   2019  |   Pamela H. Vines

The Perceptions Project: Peace  |   Neighbor   |   2014  |   Stacey Rose

The Perceptions Project: Hate   |   Wife   |   2014  |   Stacey Rose


MFA in Classical Acting   |  Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University  |   Michael Kahn, Alec Wild, Lisa Beley, Leslie Jacobson, Isabelle Anderson, Dody DiSanto, Chris Cherry, Roberta Stiem, Lisae Jordan, Brad Waller 

The Queens Studio   |   Advanced Shakespeare  |   Jodi McClintock

Pearl Conservatory   |   Advanced Shakespeare Scene Study   |   Dominic Cuskern

Grace Kiley Studios   |   Acting for Stage and Screen  |   Grace Kiley

 Special Skills 

IPA Proficient, West African Dance, Stepping, Painting, Tap Dancing, Swimming, Teaching, Driving, Certified in Hand to Hand, Long Sword, and Rappier and Dagger

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