about me 

Height: 5"2  |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown (with highlights of blonde:)

Classically Trained Actress. Mezzo-Soprano. 

Experience in classics, contemporary, and musical theatre. 

Looking for the next feature opportunity.

Specializes in lifting rich language off of a page to create complex, nuanced characters.

Member of Actor's Equity Association



Stick Fly   |   Taylor   |   Meadow Brook Theatre |   Benjamin Sterling Cannon

As You Like It   |   Amiens, Martext, Page   |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Ralph Cohen

Richard III  |   Clarence, Catesby   |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Jenny Bennett

Man of the Mode   |   Emilia  |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Christopher Marino

Jane Austen's Emma   |   Augusta Elton |   American Shakespeare Center  |   Stephanie Earl


Don Juan   |   Gusman, Mathurine, Pauper, Don Luis   |  Taffety Punk  |   Dan Crane

Amazing Grace, the Musical   |   African Ensemble   |   Continental Productions  |   Gabrielle Barre 

A Midsummer Night's Dream  |   Hippolyta   |   Shakespeare Theatre/ACA  |   Eleanor Holdridge

Coriolanus  |   1st Senator   |   Shakespeare Theatre/ACA  |   Craig Baldwin

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress  |   Mindy   |   Love Creek  |   Steven Barrett

Funnyhouse of a Negro  |   Duchess of Hapsburg   |   On Q Productions  |   Quentin Talley

The Amen Corner   |   Sister Boxer   |   On Q Productions  |   Ruth Sloane

For The Love of Harlem   |   Alberta Hunter   |  On Q Productions  |   Sidney Horton

Fabulation or Re-education of Undine   |   Stephie, Ensemble  |   On Q Productions  |  Stacey Rose


Sin Non Qua  |  Social Worker  |   2019  |   JMU Films |   Alex Kent

Nothing But Love  |  Young Mother  |   2019  |   Pamela H. Vines

The Perceptions Project: Peace  |   Neighbor   |   2014  |   Stacey Rose

The Perceptions Project: Hate   |   Wife   |   2014  |   Stacey Rose


MFA in Classical Acting   |  Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University  |   Michael Kahn, Alec Wild, Lisa Beley, Leslie Jacobson, Isabelle Anderson, Dody DiSanto, Chris Cherry, Roberta Stiem, Lisae Jordan, Brad Waller 

 Special Skills 

IPA Proficient, West African Dance, Stepping, Painting, Tap Dancing, Swimming, Teaching, Driving, Certified in Hand to Hand, Long Sword, and Rappier and Dagger

 Current Teaching Affiliations 

Shakespeare Theatre Company, Washington, DC

Everyman Theatre, Baltimore, MD