Taylor in Stick Fly - Briana Gibson Reeves

"A performance that sticks in my mind is Briana Gibson Reeves' Taylor.  Reeves does an excellent job of making the audience resent Taylor and feel a bit sorry for her at the same time, a feat difficult to achieve."


"The cast is truly remarkable, but Reeves delivers, hands-down, the most compelling performance as the antagonistic protagonist Taylor. She reveals her character’s inner soul so that anyone, anywhere, will instantly understand her, and see themselves in her. This is her gift to us, the audience."

Taylor - Stick Fly - Briana Gibson Reeves

"Briana Gibson Reeves handles some of the show’s most emotional fireworks as Taylor. Still bitter over the lack of love – and money – from her estranged father, wanting to be loved by this new family, she stomps her way through a minefield of moments."

Don Luis in Don Juan - Briana Gibson Reeves

"Briana Gibson Reeves is impressive in the difficult role of Don Juan's indignant father, Don Luis."

don juan - gusman.jpg

"The ensemble features Briana Gibson Reeves who gives a standout performance as Don Juan's father, Don Luis."