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#throwbackthursday to last week when I w

"All the world's a stage, and all the
men and women merely players."

-William Shakespeare 

For decades, I’ve turned to improvisation to liberate myself whenever I am stuck. It unlocks a vast creative landscape, allowing me to see multiple pathways forward that were once inaccessible. However, you don’t have to be an actor to practice. We all are players and you too can unleash tangible outcomes to better perform your role at work through improvisational play.

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B. Improv customized workshops can help your team check the boxes...

Creativity & Innovation

Effective Communication

Flexibility & Adaptation

Team Building

Collaborative Problem Solving

Cohesion & Synergy

At B. Improv, we believe that any organization can apply the rules of improvisational play as a development tool to improve performance and propel teams forward.

Briana Gibson Reeves
CEO, B. Improv

Group Seflie

One-Act Workshop

For those teams looking for a one-time workshop experience uniquely designed and customized with your desired focus and/or outcome in mind.  A perfect focus or addition to team meetings, onboarding processes, retreats, and conference break-out sessions. 

Staff Meeting

Two-Act Workshop

For those teams looking for a full day immersion experience uniquely designed and customized with your desired foci and/or outcomes in mind. Perfect for teams eager to dig deep into improvisational play to facilitate several tangible insights and outcomes.


to create spontaneously without preparation. must have a willingness to let go and be open to discovery.
can be funny, but that is not the goal. 

improv definition

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Let's Work Together!

To create a unique opportunity for your team to develop through improv  


"Briana worked with me to deliver a fun, innovative, custom-built development experience for my leadership team. It was filled with fast-paced, engaging improvisational exercises, underscored with tangible insights and outcomes directly linked to my desired goals for the team."

-Dr. Nandi Shareef

CEO, The Shareef Group


Meet Briana

The woman behind B. Improv

Founder and CEO Briana Gibson Reeves, an award-winning Off-Broadway actress, created B. Improv after being tasked to facilitate an improvisation course for business leaders and seeing its direct impact on their work.  Leading her company, she also brings a stacked educational resume with fifteen years of experience as a former classroom teacher/department chair, district professional development leader, and curriculum design specialist. She is passionate about using her unique intersection of skills to help organizations and teams achieve transformation through facilitated improvisational play.

She holds a Bachelors in Economics from Hampton University and Master of Fine Arts in Classical Acting from George Washington University.  When not working with teams to discover, develop, and transform through improv, or performing or producing for stage and screen, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband.

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