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Individualized, One-on-one

math coaching designed to build a strong educational foundation for life.

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Not your Big Box Service

Math Tutoring beyond worksheets. We are educational allies, delivering personalized learning for your child.

Our Formula

We assess your child's learning needs and meet them where they are

in order to take them where they need to be. Whether your child needs concepts broken down, to fill learning gaps, enrichment of classroom instruction, assessment preparation, or a boost in math confidence,

we can help. 



We value our clients and get to know them as individuals: their likes quirks, needs and interests.


We are allies and partner with parents and formal educational team, to support your child's learning in real time.


We create individualized learning plans based on assessed needs and  communicate progress after each session.


We foster an appreciation for learning, build critical reasoning skills and help clients develop a growth mindset which supports them for years to come. 



Working on Math Problems


Let's connect to learn more about your child and discover how we can help to achieve their math goals.

We are currently accepting new clients enrolled in 5th - 8th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, and Integrated Math.

There are
no dumb questions WHEN learning WITH US

  • Do you offer in person tutoring?
    All of our sessions are held virtually via Zoom. This allows clients to receive coaching services anywhere that there is WiFi access.
  • What subjects do you coach?
    We offer 5th - 8th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and High School Integrated Math. We have plans to expand our offerings and add Pre-Calculus for the 2024-2025 school year. This expansion will allow most of our clients to continue to receive coaching from us through high school.
  • Are your services contract based?
    Absolutely not. We recognize that some tutors will lock you into a certain number of sessions. However, we believe that you should not be penalized if for whatever reason our relationship is not working. Therefore, we operate on a pay by session basis.
  • Do you coach over the summer?
    Yes! Most of our clients receive coaching services over the summer to prevent regression which often equates to 3 months worth of learning. Summer sessions are also a great opportunity to either enrich learning from the previous school year and/or revisit skills that were not quite mastered.
  • How do we get started?
    Complete the intake form below. We will then be in contact to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation where you will meet with your coach.



Meet Briana

The woman behind BGR Virtual Math Coaching

Straight out of Hampton University (with a math-heavy Economics degree) Briana joined Teach for America where she taught high school Algebra in her hometown. Three years into her teaching career she was named by the superintendent as one of the top ten teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools based on student growth and achievement — the youngest teacher in the district to earn that honor. She quickly moved from math teacher, to instructional coach, to department chair of a STEM magnet, to principal intern, to the district's inaugural class of Aspiring Leaders, reporting directly to an area superintendent.

Before returning to school to pursue her Masters of Fine Arts in Classical Acting, Briana served as the math specialist for the K - 8 public charter network in Brooklyn, NY.  In this role, Briana worked directly with teachers and leaders to improve the learning of mathematics across four schools. More recently, while on an extended break between performing contracts, she returned to the classroom and completed a long term maternity leave assignment at Gilman School, teaching 7th and 8th grade honors math and coaching the award-winning Math Team. She is known for infusing her performance background, often creating songs to make math learning fun and accessible.

In addition to managing her math coaching practice, she is a professional stage, screen, and voice actress with an improvisation coaching companyShe currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and travels every chance she gets.

"I believe those who have the most success navigating educational systems, have a village standing with them:

rooting for and working together towards the common goal."


Briana Gibson Reeves talks her love for math
Briana Gibson Reeves

Briana Gibson Reeves talks her love for math



“Thank you Ms. Briana for being a wonderful math teacher and helping me expand my brain towards math and keep my grades up."



"Mrs. Reeves is a great teacher. She is willing to give constructive feedback while also recognizing talent and giving credit where credit is due."


10th Grader

“Mrs. Reeves is an incredible teacher.  I enjoy how you bring a fun aspect to math and try to make it entertaining. You do a great job.”
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